Press release of 14 July 2008

European Science Writers Award will be granted in Barcelona

The Euroscience Foundation grants three European Science Writers Awards to science journalists from Spain, Germany and Great Britain. The award ceremony will take place during the Media Party on the occasion of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) on 21 July 2008, 22.30 h, at the C3 Bar of the Contemporary Culture Centre in Barcelona. For the fifth time the Euroscience Foundation for the Advancement of European Science and Culture grants its "European Science Writers Award". With this year's conferment in the context of the Euro-Science Open Forum in Barcelona - the third pan-European scien-tific meeting ever staged to provide an interdisciplinary forum for open dialogue, debate, and discussion on science and technology in society - the "European Science Writers Award" has further estab-lished itself in the landscape of leading European science journalism prizes.

The European Science Writers Award 2008 with the amount of 3000 Euro will go to: José María Valderas, editor-in-chief of the science journal Investigación y Ciencia, the Spanish edition of the Scientific American. His role in launching Investigación y Ciencia made José María Valderas one of the great figures of European science journalism. The fact that today, almost 32 years later, he is still one of its leading personalities - and to our knowledge the longest-serving editor-in-chief of any ma-jor consumer science magazine in the world - is a testament to the tenacity, energy and passion that Valderas embodies.

For the third time the Euroscience Foundation makes also awards to promising junior journalists. The EuroScience Open Forum 2006 was already used to emphasise the importance of new talants in science journalism. 'To go on with this we would like to focus on young science journalists as much as we can, therefore we finally decided to grant another two Junior Awards this year', says Katja Ebeling, Direc-tor of the Euroscience Foundation. 'The EuroScience Open Forum is the most appropriate platform for the Euroscience Foundation to pay attention to promising young science journalists'.

Junior Awards with the amount of 1.000 Euro each will go to: Rabea Rentschler, freelance editor at the German science journal Gehirn&Geist published by Spektrum der Wissenschaft and Alok Jha, science correspondent at the British daily newspaper The Guardian.

The laudatory speech will be given by Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Chairman of the Board of the Euroscience Foundation and Secretary General of the German Volkswagen Foundation. "With this prize, the Euro-science Foundation acknowledges the commitment and the achievements of the prize-winners in fostering communication within and across disciplines as well as between science and the wider public," says Krull.

The Euroscience Foundation: The Euroscience Foundation was founded in 2000 as a foundation under civil law; it has its offices in Hanover, Germany. Its purpose is the advancement of European science and culture. It awards prizes such as the European Science Writers Award and supports work-shops and symposia. It is linked to the Euroscience Association in Strasbourg, a pan-European association for the advancement of European science which currently organizes the EuroScience Open Forum. Further information can be obtained under

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